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Telephone Country Codes

International Country Codes, International Direct Dialing (IDD) prefixes, and National Direct Dialing (NDD) prefixes are show for each country.

Telephone Country Codes is a national prefix used when dialing into that country from outside that country.

International Direct Dialing (IDD) prefix is used when dialing from the given country to outside the country. This is sometimes also refered to as international access code. The ITU recommends 00 as the general standard for International Direct Dialing prefix and many countries have implemented but not all of them. For a mobile telephone, in order to place international telephone call, one can use a "+" instead of the local IDD code. The "+" is universal prefix for all international mobile telephone calls. The "+" can be reached by holding down the "0" key until it turns into a "+".

National Direct Dialing (NDD) prefix is used when dialing to a destination within the country from that country. When dialing within a country NDD is followed by the city area code (if applicable) and the telephone number. Typical telephone numbers are often written in this format: +44-(0)1234-XXXX-XXXX. This format is used for both international and national long-distance dialing. In this example +44 indicates the country code for United Kingdom. National Direct Dialing prefix is indicated by (0). City/Area Code is the code imediately following the NDD, in this example as 1234.

If you are dialing from outside the country, the do not use NDD after dialing the telephone country code. However, if dialing from within that country, you need to use the NDD without the telephone country code.

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Here is the complete list of telephone country codes by each country.

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