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International Dialing Sudan

This is the international dialing code used when dialing from Sudan. International Dialing Sudan Code is also known as Sudan International Direct Dialing prefix (or IDD) is used when dialing from the Sudan to outside Sudan (sometimes also refers to as Sudan international access code). Do not use Sudan IDD code when dialing within Sudan. By simply using the Sudan Dialing Code before the number, it unables you to place a call to outside Sudan from within Sudan. Without this international dialing Sudan Code, you will not able to place a call outside the Sudan because the telephone exachange will not reconginize it as a valid international call.

To dial a international number outside Sudan from within Sudan, you have to dial International Dialing Sudan Code or Sudan International Direct Dialing prefix (IDD), Sudan Country Code, City/ Area Code, and then the subscriber telephone number respectively as:

+249 (International Dialing Sudan Code) + (Country Code) + City Area Code + Number you wish to call.

When dialing from a mobile phone outside Sudan from Sudan, only Dial '+' + (Country Code) + City Area Code + Number you wish to call. (The "+" is universal mobile international direct dialing prefix also includes Sudan)

On the other hand, when dialing to Sudan from outside Sudan, a Sudan Country Code is used. Sudan Country Code however is not used when dialing within Sudan.

The other type of code is Sudan National Direct Dialing prefix (or NDD). It is used only when dialing to a destination within the Sudan (Refer to dialing Sudan code). Sudan NDD code is only used as long distance dialing within the Sudan. Do not use Sudan National Direct Dialing prefix when dialing from outside Sudan into Sudan.

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