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Cameroon Country Code

For data processing and communications and Cameroon and it's dependent areas is represent by a Cameroon Country code. Cameroon country code is a short numeric geographical code (geocodes) developed by the ISO 3166-1 system. Cameroon country code is freqently refered to as Cameroon dialing codes or Cameroon E.164 calling code.

Cameroon Country Code is used when dialing to Cameroon from outside Cameroon. Cameroon Country Code is however not used when dialing within Cameroon.

To call Cameroon from outside Cameroon, you have to dial the your own country's International Direct Dialing prefix (IDD), Cameroon Country Code, City/ Area Code, and then the subscriber telephone number as:

Your Countries International Direct Dialing Prefix (IDD) +237 (Cameroon Country Code) + City Area Code + Number you wish to call.

When dialing from a mobile phone outside Cameroon into Cameroon, Dial '+' +237 (Cameroon Country Code) + City Area Code + Number you wish to call. (The "+" can be reached by holding down the "0" key until it turns into a "+". The "+" is universal prefix for all international mobile telephone calls including Cameroon)

Cameroon International Direct Dialing prefix (or IDD) is used when dialing from the Cameroon to outside the country (Refer to international dialing Cameroon code or Cameroon international access code). Do not use Cameroon IDD when dialing within Cameroon.

Cameroon National Direct Dialing prefix (or NDD) is used when dialing to a destination within the Cameroon (Refer to dialing Cameroon code). Do not use Cameroon National Direct Dialing prefix when dialing from outside Cameroon into Cameroon. Cameroon NDD is only used as long distance dialing within the country.

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